Popular sights in Miami

Miami is the most popular tourist destination in Florida, located on the Atlantic Ocean, where over 2,500,000 people live. Miami is blamed for all of her hot summer, pristine beaches and lavish hotels. However, Miami more than a seaside resort. Here are five places to be seen in Miami.

Miami Seaquarium
This spectacular 38-acre marine park presents eight different water performances daily, as well as a number of educational presentations. It is close to the center of Miami on Virginia Key Island, Biscayne Bay and is easily accessible from all major Miami destinations. Miami Seaquarium is home to Lolita, one of the oldest orchestras in the world, and many other creatures from the depths, including fish, sea turtles, reptiles and sharks. The visit to Seaquarium is inspiring, educational and fun, making it a great day for the whole family.

Jungle Island
Officially known as the "jungle of parrots," this zoo is a proven family favorite. Situated to the east of downtown Miami, Jungle Island allows visitors to climb nearby and personally with animals from around the world, including Hercules, 900 kg of Liger (a cross between a lion and a tiger).

The highlights of the Jungle Island are the Everglades Habitat Park – a practical experience where guests can explore Florida's Everglades recreation, full of plant species and wildlife.

Coral Castle
Coral Castle has been a dazzling visitor for over 70 years. The stone fantasy world is built by a man weighing just over 100kg, standing just 5 feet tall, which is quite striking. The structural compositions of many megalithic stones, mostly coral limestone, some weighing several tons. How the structures were built is surrounded by a mystery, referring to their creator Edward Leedsallin.

The Venetian basin
The Venetian basin is immersed in history, designed by architect Phineas Pest in 1924. Crafted in a beautiful Venetian architectural style, the pool forms an old stone quarry, passing 820,000 gallons every day, making it the largest freshwater pool in the United States.

Miami Art Museum
Located in Miami's 101 West Flagler Cultural Center in the center of Miami, the Miami Art Museum is a contemporary city center of Florida. The museum presents contemporary art from all over the world, as well as western art, including photographs, paintings and sculptures.

All artworks are from the 1940s, including local inspired art that reflects Miami's diverse and culturally rich experience.

There are so many to see and do in Miami. No matter how long you stay, the city offers a rich choice of days and cultural experiences for people of all ages.

Source by Harald Bindeus