Israel Hinting Tip – How to get used to Israel

During my days as a stewardess traveling around the world a week, I was astonished to find out that the customs clearance in Israel and the Israeli landing culture was essentially different from that of the rest of the world and especially the Americans. Do not get me wrong – the Israelis are not cheap, but they seem to have less appreciation for the service they receive.

Here are some guidelines on how to return to Israel. While in the United States it is customary to tilt a restaurant waiter between 15% and 20% on food costs in Israel – 10% what most people do and if you leave 15% or more, you will be considered very generous.

Bar Advice

Most Israelis do not bark bartenders. Still, if you decide to leave the board – you can just leave 10 NIS coins, and the bartender will be pleased.

Shipping Advice

When ordering a meal, you need to refund 5-10%, or about 10 NIS, which is US $ 2.5. There is no need to tilt when getting a pack.

Taxi advice

Most Israelis do not quarrel with taxi drivers, so any advice you leave would be very valuable.

Hairdressing salon / stylist – 20 Shampoo NIS – 10 NIS nails – 10 NIS massage – 20 NIS Spa Attendant –

Maid – 5-10 NIS per Room Service – 10% of the total bill. Only if not added by the hotel. Desk desk – 5-10 NIS for every job (when entering or leaving the hotel).

Source by Michal Moreno