Introduction to the Langkawi Travel – the Most Popular Vacation Destination in Malaysia

Langkawi is located in Keda, and this green and tropical island is the countless travelers to the Malaysian herd year after year. If Kuala Lumpur is known for its beautiful city atmosphere, shopping halls to sunset and endless nightlife … this is very different in Langkawi, which is even more famous for its stunning beaches, tropical rainforest and five-star, relaxed holiday .

Langkawi visitors often pamper themselves, strolling around the many world-class beaches that the island offers and enjoy the rich Malay food and hospitality that is synonymous with virtually all resorts in Langkawi. If you come here for a holiday, you probably will not want to leave.

Since Langkawi is an island separated from Kuala Lumpur, most Langkawi tourists tend to sail, mostly from Kuala Lumpur. Besides the remarkable beaches and the jungle (some of which are quite remarkable), Langkawi is also known as an island without duty. This means that if you stay here, you can take a pretty good deal or two at a cheap deal – actually, if you do both Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, we highly recommend making the bulk of your shopping in Langkawi because the same souvenir and craft products are available for up to 50% less.

There are several cities that visit most tourists during their stay in Langkawi-Qaqah (the capital of the island) and Panta Kinggang (a bustling city with small markets and staying close to the nearest eye). Most facilities, such as changing money and banks, tend to be located in Qa'ah, although in addition to the Golden Eagle, it is not too much to interest the visitor from Malaysia here. Besides, the remarkable beauty and nature are what gathers the crowds of tourists in Langkawi year after year.

Ten best experiences in Langkau

– Stay in one of the most famous five-star resorts in Malaysia, such as Andaman or Datai, and worry as a celebrity.
– Capture some breathtaking landscapes from the top of the Lancaway Cable Experience.
– Pamper yourself in one of the many five star spa experiences in one of the many stunning spa centers on the island.
– Explore first-hand Malaysian life as you walk around the cities of Qua and Pantai King, looking for local people to swap in the night markets and take a deal or two for yourself.
– Stop for a cocktail and relaxing meal at Telaga Harbor Park.
– Enjoy a trip on the island and experience the diversity and culture of life in Malaysia.
– Take a mango tour and dive into ancient jungles and rivers – enter the cave of the bats and the crocodile cave.
– Watch the Crocodile Show and see these magnificent creative meals.
– Explore some of the wonderful marine creatures you will find in Southeast Asia by visiting the Aquarium in Pantai Cenang.
– Enjoy one of the many stunning beaches you will find anywhere in the world.

Whether you are an intricate traveler or just want to return to heaven, you will definitely find what you are looking for in Langkawi. This is the ultimate experience in Southeast Asia.

Source by Tuks K Engineer