Differences between SodaStream models

Many people want to get SodaStream, but they have no idea which model is best suited to them. It can be difficult to choose, especially when SodaStream does not have any information that highlights the differences between models. Here's a brief overview that explains which features are unique to models

There are currently 8 SodaStream models. They are the Revolution, Source, Physicist, Crystal, Clean, Fountain, Dynamo, and Genesis. First, let us consider the similarities between the eight species. All eight models can make soda or sparkling water in the comfort of your home. All come with "carbonated" caps for bottles that keep carbonation longer. All are compatible with the standard 14.5 ounce carbonation cylinder that is capable of aerating up to sixty liters of soda or sparkling water

There are four models that can use either a 14.5 ounce carbonation cylinder or a larger 33 ounce cylinder, which can gas up to 130 liters of soda or sparkling water. These four models are The Revolution, The Dynamo, The Fountain Jet and The Fizz

All eight models use the CO2 tank as a source of carbonation energy. Crystal, Pure, Dynamo, Fountain Jet, and Genesis do not require an extra source of energy to work. Fizz and Source require a battery to handle the display components. This battery is on. The revolution is the only model that requires electricity to work. Keep this in mind as it should be close to the exit when used.

Crystal comes with a safe glass rifle in a dishwasher. The other seven models come with plastic bottles without BPA that are not safe for dishwashers. You can buy separate bottles in a dishwasher separately that are compatible with these seven models, but you can not use a glass carapace with a different model than Crystal

Dynamo, Fountain Jet, The Pure, The Fizz, and The Genesis require the user to turn the bottle on the spot. Crystal, Revolution and Source lock the bottle in place without turning, making it a little easier to use.

There is only one fully automated SodaStream. This is the "Revolution". You can just press a button to tell him how much carbon you would like to drink, and the rest for you. It also measures CO2 levels to tell you how much remains in the carbonation cylinder. Fizz is not automated, but monitors and shows the amount of carbonization in your beverage as well as the CO2 level in your cylinder. The source has three LEDs to tell you how much carbon is in your drink but does not monitor the amount of CO2 in your cylinder.

I hope to shed light on what makes every SodaStream model unique. Click HERE for more information on SodaStreams and to see how the different models look. Remember, this will probably be on your board at any time, so you'll want something that looks good in your kitchen.

Source by Heather Krasovec