Mass for tax evasion

You might well get a tax deductible massage and you do not know it. Yes, that's true! Massage therapy can very well be deducted from the tax.

Many deductions, such as medical expenses, require you to overcome the minimum. For example, only medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of the adjusted gross income are allowed. This means that a person with a corrected gross income of $ 40,000 can only deduct the cost of medical expenses above and above $ 3,000.

Your medical expenses usually include medical insurance, some Medicare costs, and various costs for healthcare. These may include costs for making changes to your home prescribed for your medical condition, removing toxic substances from your home, enrollment in weight loss programs, dental work, and travel related costs to get to your medical care, including mileage costs. Even this massage, which should relieve stress, can be deducted. Other potentially deductible costs include dentures and ointments or wound care and skin lotions.

Separate medical services may be performed by someone other than your doctor. If you have a condition like a bad back and your doctor tells you that you need regular massage, this treatment is deductible. Make sure you get a massage recipe from your doctor, saying you need these services.

Do not forget that the price of massage therapy is TAXABLE, as prescribed by a doctor

If you routinely receive massage, stress, blood circulation, chronic pain or other medical conditions, contact your doctor for a prescription and get a receipt for each massage by your masseuse

Source by Denise Boehm