Lead poisoning: your health, your insurance coverage

Not long ago, a water crisis occurred in Flint, Michigan, and residents were worried about lead levels. Housing and owners, as well as mortgage companies, have been aware of lead risks for many years.

Recent studies on metal exposure in many parts of the country raise major issues.

What is lead poisoning?

This toxic poisoning may occur when dangerous levels of lead enter the body. By the way, a small amount of lead is not good for you and can cause serious health problems, especially for children under 6 years of age.

Where does lead come from?

Lead problems are often derived from lead-based paints and lead-contaminated dust. Old houses and buildings have problems in this regard. Lead can also be found in polluted air and water and soil. Those who use batteries, apartments or office buildings may also be at risk, as are car maintenance personnel.

What about a poisoning?

Reducing low levels of lead poisoning may require avoiding spots containing lead. Patients with high levels of lead poisoning may need to receive treatment called chelation. Family doctors are the best source of guidance for this matter. Of course, avoiding exposure to lead is the best antidote.

How to prevent lead poisoning?

The following are some daily tips to help residents prevent lead poisoning.

• After opening the cold water, let it run for about one minute before use.
• Before going to bed, wash your hands after going to bed and playing outside
• Disinfect the toys regularly.
• Drag all floors regularly. Wipe furniture and clean the surface with a damp cloth to maintain a dust-free atmosphere
• Train family members to remove shoes before entering the interior
• Plant grass on soil patches.
•Cultivate grass on bare outdoor soil and cover sandbox after game time
• Eat a healthy meal three times a day.
• Avoid using toys, medicines, cosmetics and hair dyes containing lead.

How about property insurance? Does it cover lead poisoning?

For most insurance companies, this type of metal poisoning is a controversial topic – especially when it comes to old houses, buildings and real estate. In general, houses and owners must hire a special inspector to confirm that lead is not a known issue before the provider sells the relevant insurance.

More information about lead poisoning related to property insurance can be learned from independent insurance institutions with experience in all areas of real estate.

Source by M Wyzanski