Why the Philippines are a budget destination

If you are looking for a travel destination where you can indulge in the wonders of nature, the warmth of the sun while enjoying the sand and the sea or with cheap excitement, the Philippines are the perfect escape for these kinds of adventures This is the heaven for people want to get out of the noise and vanity of the big city without having to spend happiness.

This is more fun in the Philippines

This is more fun in the Philippines – this is the slogan of the country for their tourist campaign. It is a very attractive phrase that the country can easily cope with this because of the abundance of natural beauty and low cost of living. If you have a tight budget and you are about to try, you will get more of your money here.


The Philippines, the only Catholic nation in Southeast Asia, means that their choice of food is not limited to the delicate delicacies, but also the fact that their food is also cheap. Wonderful dining at a regular restaurant will cost you only 2 dollars, and dinner in a fine restaurant will cost you just $ 5 for a full meal of parties and drinks. Not only will your soul be filled with a journey, your belly will be pleased with the delicious delicacies of the country.


Local attractions are mostly parks, gardens, mountains, cultural attractions, waterfalls, lakes and beaches, meaning there is nothing to spend to enjoy your attractions. Without you deliberately go to thematic parks for which the country is not known.


The country is so blessed with beautiful beaches. There are many outdoor resorts to go if you do not want to spend a penny enjoying your beaches. If you want to enjoy the beach, you can travel to Boracay, but if you prefer a more relaxing beach, Siargao, Mati and Davao offer the best beaches and resorts for this experience. Again, they are very cheap.


Getting around is very easy. Their Jeepney is more efficient than buses and they could literally take you from point to point easily. And sometimes jeeps can even take you to the doorstep literally. What's great about it is also very cheap: $ 0.25 for a one-way fare to nearby locations, and $ 0.50 for those who are a bit far away. Even if their taxis are cheap, $ 3 could take you far, literally.


Perhaps this is the cheapest country where you can enjoy an extensive holiday experience, even hotels here will offer you an experience of walking at an affordable price. One night in a 4-star hotel in the Philippines will just cost you about $ 25 to $ 50. If you go back to your luggage, you can just imagine how cheap it is just to rent a bed in the hostel overnight.

Besides the abundance of nature-oriented attractions, taking into account the equations, the cost of living in the Philippines, budget travelers or not, you'll be more entertaining here than anywhere.

Source by Daphne S. Martinez