You should know the terms of the car insurance

In order to be successful and profitable in all businesses, it is important to be familiar with the terms of particular interest or business that he intends to establish. That's why knowing these terms will over-generate the basics of the field you are interested in and ultimately lead you to success in it.

Before entering auto insurance and quotations, take a moment to review some of the terms related to auto insurance and quotations, as this will be very helpful for your auto insurance policy success.

The adjuster

also known as the claimant, is an insurance company employee who is primarily responsible for investigating and resolving all claims purchased by claimants or insurance companies caused by specific casualties. His duties also include assessing and paying the policy holder's available or each claim.

Claims are usually paid only after all transactions have been verified. Claims may also depend on the effective insurance or underwriting policy of the project.


This is an uncontrollable unplanned, unpredictable or unintended event that causes property damage, such as a car. The resulting loss can be compensated as a claim by the carrier to the claimant. The claim is based on what was observed and the actual cash value of the car or item involved.

Auto insurance companies do their utmost to provide policyholders with sustainable, efficient, high quality and affordable policies. They also aim to increase the insured's savings to meet specific needs, such as the creation of a large number of policy holders.


This is an expert in calculating insurance premiums and insurance risks. They are appropriately involved in calculating loss expectations, life expectancy and determining the frequency of accidents. They are one of the key elements of an insurance company.

They also primarily help them to serve and participate in trend assessments and determine the profit and financial stability of operators (insurers) of insurance prices.

These experts also have a share of managing the carrier's expenses and filing claims with claimants on any need basis. They help to ensure that neither the carrier nor the insured suffer unnecessary losses.

Accident frequency

This reflects the number of accidents. The frequency is calculated during the policy period. Actuaries often calculate the frequency of accidents to help determine possible losses.

It should be noted that the phrase may not actually mean the number or frequency of occurrences of an accident, but the number of accidents that may occur due to the estimation of the actuary. The use of this principle also allows for the payment of premiums accurately and appropriately.


This is a formal written document on the estimated value of the insured's property. This is done for any future casualties who cause property damage.

When assessing historical damage, it can be done or replaced by an insurer's regulator or sometimes a vehicle maintenance specialist.

Other insured

Individuals or organizations also enjoy auto insurance under the main name of insurance vehicles. Protection can extend from car rental companies to individuals who provide cars to primary insureds.

In the event of an accident, damage or collision, the leasing person or company can prevent specific casualties caused by the name of the insured.


He is a licensed insurance representative, selling insurance for insurance companies, negotiating and/or implementing insurance contracts. He is a middleman who provides quality insurance services to policyholders.

Insurance agents usually work on a commission basis, and in most cases they are non-exclusive or occasional exclusive agents.

agreed price

This is the property damage repair cost agreed by the repairer and the corresponding representative of the body shop. Whenever a loss causes a car accident, the agreed maintenance cost will be used as the claimant’s claim.

Since the price of any damage to the car has been agreed upon, the cost is still increasing or decreasing.

Agreed value

This is the vehicle value agreed between the insured and the insurance company and will be paid in the event of an accident or any other form of accidental damage.

This is a policy primarily used to customize vehicles or collectibles whose actual value remains constant over time without depreciation.

Distribution Risk Plan

A state-managed auto insurance plan for individuals and car owners who are unable to obtain or qualify for auto insurance or traditional liability insurance due to financial inadequacy or poor insurance records.

They may be placed in the remaining market to reach insurance with the carrier or insurance company, but at a higher price. Their report is through the country.

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