Reward your employees with travel rewards

Rewarding your employees through travel incentives

Encouraging employees, especially highly competitive employees such as internal and external salespeople and telemarketers, can be a challenge. Of course, everyone likes cash, but what if you can offer more rewards than cash? This is the full meaning of travel rewards.

Do you think your staff will generate more interest; offer $50 for the most booked person in a day, or 3 days and 2 nights in Hawaii, including airfare? I bet you don't have to think about it for a long time. The trip to Hawaii won the victory.

I also bet you are thinking "Of course, I really want to give up a travel incentive agreement like this, but how can I afford it?" Ready to be shocked. You see, travel reward coupons are sold at the price of dollars. The key to successful travel rewards is the value they receive, not their actual cost. The truth is that most travel reward coupons are priced below $10. This means that you don't need to spend $50 in cash, but instead spend less than $10 to give something worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Travel rewards are coupons that facilitate actual travel to an ideal destination. No gimmicks. Tourism licenses distribute these coupons through approved brokers. According to the offer, these certificates can be redeemed for air travel, cruises, hotel accommodation and many other travel opportunities.

Hotels and airline operators know that they are rarely booked to 100% capacity. They offer free travel deals instead of empty seats or rooms. They know that holidaymakers spend more money on food, sightseeing and other products and services during their stay, so free travel quotes are not dead. In addition, airlines and hotel management expect customers to have a good time to come back at the same time and pay the full amount.

This means that the travel reward is a triple win. The airline wins, the hotel wins, you win by providing productivity incentives, and its perceived value is many times higher than the actual cost. You will be a hero of your employees and your productivity will soar.

Where to buy travel rewards

You should only purchase travel rewards from authorized travel agent brokers. This way you can get a genuine certificate that benefits the major airlines and quality hotels. There are a lot of bad travel deals there, and you don't want to disappoint you by sending them to a second-rate hotel in an unknown airline.

Another benefit of dealing with authorized brokers is that they can offer you the ability to combine different travel reward coupons to create better packages. For example, you can combine a 3 day, 2 night, 3 star hotel package with some city $500 consumer certificates.

Another popular combination is to create a vacation package that includes a dream holiday, such as a 4 or 5 star hotel package, combined with a free round-trip airfare travel coupon. It is no better than this!

Stop providing boring bonuses and provide the best-performing employees with their dream vacations. Ordering travel reward coupons is simple and inexpensive and can be done 100% online.

Source by Sheryl Strasser