Insurance assumes driving speed exceeds speed limit

Efforts to curb dangerous driving habits throughout the state, New York State has designated the first week of August as "Speed ​​Week."

What is speed week?

Speed ​​Week involves the danger of a targeted activity driving too fast and other forms of distracted driving.

While anti-speeding programs implemented by specific state police may focus on those driving in New York, this information should resonate throughout the United States.

The nationwide auto insurance claim supports the findings of the New York State Police Director George P. Beach II.

"Research shows that speeding up killing," police chief said in a related interview. “During this event and throughout the year, we will work to reduce this dangerous driving.”

During the fast-driving target of police officers for research purposes, the summer was chosen, especially in August. Black lights appeared at the same time in 2016. The number of driving deaths caused by the driver's speeding was the most obvious that year.

Unfortunately, 20% of all car deaths in 2016 were related to driving speeds exceeding speed limits.

But not all.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, three out of every ten vehicle drivers admit to speeding without cover.

Last summer 2017 law enforcement "Speed ​​Week" ended approximately 21,000 traffic summonses, including approximately 9,000 tickets for speeding.

The way of the event was through police ticketing. News? Whether you are driving in New York State or anywhere else in the United States of America, let us work together to stop the terrible trend of speeding while driving.

Implementing information is easier than people might think about these six simple tips for the insurance industry.

1. Remember the possible outcomes of speeding while driving: life-threatening accidents, police ticketing, poor driving records and more expensive auto insurance rates.

2. Do not drive while excited or excited. Concentrate on relaxing before driving. Take a deep breath and adjust classical or soft music. If you need to do it yourself, stop at the side of the road.

3. Give yourself more time to get to your destination so you don't accelerate.

4. Be sure to give yourself extra travel time.

5. Pay attention to your speed by regularly catching up with the car's speedometer.

6. Use the cruise control system on your vehicle when driving on the highway.

7. The driving speed is slightly lower than the published speed limit.

A safety driver is a happy driver. I wish you a happy summer!

Source by M Wyzanski