Nine Arch Bridge – Your guide to a breathtaking tourist atmosphere

Little for the bridge!

The bridge itself was introduced in 1921 by the British Government and stands as a testimony of what can be achieved without modern technology. It is made of stone blocks and concrete and does not contain reinforcing metals in its design. However, it remains a stable structure. The history of the bridge dates back to the First World War. At some point during the war the shipments of steel originally intended for this bridge were taken for military projects. So, when it comes to building the bridge, Sri Lanka's locals built it with other materials

Standing between Ella Station and Demodara Station, this site still exists as a functional train route. one of the great engineering feats of the 20th century. Although it is still inhabited by trains, it remains a brilliant place for tourists. The views from the bridge are stunning. You get an amazing scene that extends far beyond the valleys and is immersed in the heart of nature. You will get such a natural notion that you will be charged to find something to compare. In addition, one of the largest tourist activities is to walk along the bridge. You can move from one side to the other, achieving the maximum levels of photo coverage for your problems. This is a beautiful walk and this moment when you stand in the middle and see nature at its best … there is nothing like it.

In general, the nine arch bridge in Ella is an incredible view that you should definitely add to your list of attractions when you go to the area. This is a brilliant proof of the old ways of construction and construction and yet it is a completely functional way for people to go. The signed nine arcuate fields contribute to the strengthening of the image of which the bridge is best known. There are many tourists who often walk there – they are all attracted by the stunning views and incredible architecture just as you will be. There is nothing to compete with standing on the bridge and looking at the vast nature. You can see the whole land in front of you and you are also gifted with the knowledge that there is 100 years of history in every step you take in this amazing structure.

Source by Ishanka Mudiyanselage