3 Popular tourist attractions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has 19,652 square kilometers of pure beauty and an ideal place for nature lovers to rest. With 20 nature parks, eight biological reserves and protected areas, 25% of the country's land is protected. This is more than any other country in the world. Whether you enjoy water, air or land activities or a little bit of anyone, Costa Rica will definitely not disappoint

Water Activities

Costa Rica extends to Central America and has shores of both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, white sandy beaches, which enjoy the sun's rays. More active water activities that you can pursue during your vacation in Costa Rica include snorkeling, deepwater diving, surfing, parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing and more.

About 300 miles from the Puntarenas coastline is Coco Island, where divers and deep-sea divers can see colorful coral reefs, witch sharks and white fin sharks as well as plenty of other marine life. The local shores of the Esterillos, Hermosa and Marino Ballena National Parks are particularly popular among surfers, while swimmers prefer La Punta. The mouth of Puntarenas is great for water skiing, bird watching and even a mangrove marsh boat tour.

Air Activities

There is no trip to Costa Rica that is complete without a canopy. Take an air tram 100 feet above the forest floor and see tree frogs, snake snakes, hundreds of bird species and even triple lazy ones. If you prefer to enjoy the canopy face to face, travel from tree-to-tree through zipper lines. Montevideo is famous for its exceptionally beautiful Bald laps. A tourist company even has a wooden room in the hall on the balcony for those who want to experience the jungle at night. Do not forget to try the Superman cable at Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park. This is a 3280-foot long zipper line that takes tourists approaching the roof at 55 miles per hour.

A super adventure can experience 200 grams of bungee jump on the old Colorado Bridge. This jump is said to have outstanding panoramic views.

The Corcovado National Park is housed in tapioca, large cats and four species of Costa Rican monkeys: Capuchin's Capuchin, Mantled Howler, Jeffro's Pader Mike and Central American squirrel. This area is known for the abundance of wildlife. You're sure you see a lot of these animals while you make miles and miles of mountain paths. At the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve you will see more than 800 different species of birds, over 100 species of mammals and 2000 plant species including orchids as you climb the mountains and walk along the paths. You can also go for a walk in the caves at Veneto or ride horses or watch birds in many other protected areas in Costa Rica.

Boredom is not an option when traveling to Costa Rica. With so much to see and do, you will find that you want to stay longer and start making plans to return to this tropical paradise before you board the plane to go home [19659010]

Source by Gina M Buss