From Ecuador to Peru – What to Expect From South America?

Even if you do not have much money for your next vacation, you can still afford a luxury tour of South America. Let tour operators negotiate with hotels and transport companies on your behalf to bring you the best deals. If you prefer someone else to do all of your planning for you, you can save a lot of money.

Your choice is not limited. There are plenty of accompanying tours of South America. You can choose from many routes. If you want free time for yourself, you can simply ask for it from the tour guide. Some travel packages include all your meals and activities, and some can be modified to suit your own interests and preferences. at least. This way you will be able to see more places and do more activities without feeling hasty.

Rio de Janeiro. Buenos Aires. Machu Picchu. Santiago. These are just some of the places you would like to visit on your tour. While exploring the continent, you can visit the remains of the Inca Empire; Go to sightseeing in the aforementioned cities; a trip through the Andes; study the Machu Picchu; and go on excursions across the valley. These are just a few examples of the many things you can do during your break.

If you are interested in volcanoes, you must choose a route that includes Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. You will be surrounded by towering volcanoes and incredible scenery. As you study this area, you will see traces of ancient civilizations and Spanish colonization as well as the most incredible example of Mother Nature in it.

Another country you should definitely visit is Peru. Most South American tours include Peruvian cities and monuments. Imagine seeing the floating cities, the impressive gullies, the waters of Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu close! In Peru there are also exotic animals and birds such as condo and lami

In Lima there is much to see and do, "the city of kings" and the capital of Peru. During a tour of Lima you can visit churches and monasteries dating back to the 16th century. Although it's a stretched Metropolis, it still has its share of ancient sites, some dating back thousands of years!

South American excursions include many excursions to keep you busy! You will not have to worry about boredom as long as you choose the right tour package. Although there are many cities, much of the continent has been untouched for thousands of years. You will have some of the same views as the Spanish conquistadors of those years ago!

Source by Colin Williamson