7 tips for Punta Cana holidaymakers

Punta Cana is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean. It is known for its luxurious accommodation, tastefully blended with beautiful scenery. It has become quite popular for the rapid warm winter escape for people in Canada, Europe and the United States. They come from thousands to enjoy Punta Cana when it's cold in their own countries.

If you are planning a vacation in Punta Cana, I want to give 7 travel tips that will make your stay more enjoyable:

Avoid making a taxi if you can

nothing special along with taxis in the Punta Cana area, but prices may be excessive. By comparison, a price that costs only $ 4 – $ 5 in Santo Domingo (the capital of the Dominican Republic) can cost you $ 20- $ 40 in Punta Cana!

To avoid taxis, try to negotiate with your airport transfer agent that comes, comes and will be included in the package deal – many of them are, and if you are shopping, you should be able to find this. If you take a trip to one of the parks or islands, be sure to ask the tour operator if the cost of the trip involves collecting in the resort or hotel and returning you – again, many people do so you should be able to find it. You can also rent a car for a reasonable fee instead of a taxi. Many of the major car rental locations are: Avis, Budget, Eurocar, National and Prestige. If you are serious about the budget, you can take a bus called guagua that covers the entire Punta Cana coastline and beyond. Buses run every 15 to 30 minutes. If you need to travel to Santo Domingo, do not forget to look for Bavaro Express.

How to find the whiteest beach [1969005]

The most desirable beaches in the Dominican Republic are the white-washed white beaches – the whiter and whiter of my people's book. Tourists love the beauty of these beaches and also how silky fine sandy feet between their fingers. However, not all Punta Cana beaches are white.

What travelers are often unaware of is that what is now known as the Punta Cana coast in the Dominican Republic is about 38-39 miles. This is the entire east coast of the Dominican Republic. The color of the sand varies considerably across this area. In general, the further south you go, the whiter sand. The Punta Cana coastline is shaped like an arrow facing east. When the arrow reaches a point is called El Macao. North of this point, the white sands start to turn into a golden color. This can be quite nice, but if you are a real white sandy lover, you will probably want to find a resort south of El Macao or find a resort on the south east coast.

Getting Away From Customs

First, let me tell you some good news. Receiving customs at Punta Cana Airport is much easier than Santo Domingo airport or other Caribbean airports such as Cancun. However, there are some simple things you can do to reduce the likelihood of having to go through customs.

As soon as you arrive in Punta Cana, you will need to get a "tourist card" that costs only $ 10 and you can pick them up at the airport before going through customs. However, there may be a line for them, so if you want to speed things up, try to include this in your bundled deal, so you'll have a tourist card to be handed over before leaving the plane. Customs agents can be a little picky about everything that can be interpreted as a "sharp subject". Items such as knitting needles and umbrellas can be considered "sharp objects" and can hold you and can even be confiscated. Do not forget to put these types of items in your checked baggage to avoid problems. Also make sure all your prescription medicines are clearly marked. There is no strict drug tolerance in the Dominican Republic, so you do not want to give the customs agents a cause for concern. Another great "no-no": coming and going is nothing derived from plant material or animal parts. This may include hats made from coconut, shell, fruit, woodcarving, and more.

Officially, all the beaches in the Dominican Republic are nonetheless, many resorts like to place signs and patrol the beaches in front of their resorts as if they had a private beach.

When you walk on the beach, just know that you are allowed to go to the beach and have kindly to hold your ground if someone approaches you and indicates otherwise. Just let them know you intend to go through it.

You expect waiting waitresses as well. 5-10% is considered a norm. Bartenders often get $ 1 per round, sometimes more if drinks are more sophisticated. Hotel servants are often loaded with $ 2 – $ 5 a day, and the airport carries $ 1 per bag. It is also expected to go to the guides. Drivers typically receive $ 5 for half day excursions and $ 5 – $ 10 for day trips. It is also becoming more and more popular to leave gifts to the locals. Sweets, toys and school accessories for children are very popular. Books, make-up and jewelry are usually left. It is best to check with the guides you go out to and the staff of the hotel to determine what may be the most appropriate and most necessary to carry with you as presents. Remember, this is a country that is a "third country" with a growing economy and has a lot of needs.

Find a resort that suits your needs

Various resorts cater to different needs. Some resorts serve families with children. Others are just adults and take care of those couples looking for a romantic escape without children. Many resorts in the Punta Cana area follow European customs. Some Americans like this, but some do not. If not, do not forget to find a resort that serves more American customs.

You may want to get a complete list of all the activities offered in the resorts you are considering as this will often help you decide which one to choose more easily. Some resorts offer better activities for children – some are under surveillance and some are not. Some offer sailing, surfing, surfing, dancing, diving and other very desirable hours. Some have activities such as horse riding and dunes that others do not. Some resorts are better designed for people with disabilities and others with special needs.

How to Take Trips in Punta Cana

Most holiday packages in the resort include some options for excursions to the resort. Most of these are very simple, such a boat is a walk to a snorkel snake reef or to take a catamaran on an island. However, the hotel's tours are almost never a way to get the best outdoors adventure. Local fishermen and other local residents also often offer to take tourists on their boats. They can really be missed or missed, more often do not miss it. You should also be aware that these locales are almost never licensed or connected, so if something happens, you will be stuck.

You will have a much richer and more memorable experience if you take excursions from Punta Cana with experienced tour operators who specialize in offering excursions. Your excursion will also be much safer. Adventures that receive the highest recognition are those that offer eco-adventures where you can truly explore nature and culture in depth with people who truly care and have deep knowledge and gratitude for wildlife and people in the area. Take at least one of these types of excursions and compare them to what resorts can offer and the difference will become obvious to you.

Source by Alexander Tilanus